Shedding light and awareness on human trafficking

Uprising wants everyone to be aware of what sex trafficking is defined as and what it can look like in any community. This awareness of such a difficult topic has a purpose: the more our community is aware of and understands trafficking, the more protective factors we can put in place to create a safety net. Uprising wants to expand these community-wide safety nets to create an umbrella of safety in our communities. We do not want to see anyone left out in the rain.

Some ways we currently shed light and awareness on human trafficking are:

  • Through our highly visible ‘coaster campaign’. We created colourful bar coasters that had song lyrics to popular country music songs, changing only the last few lyrics to accommodate HT-aware information. We always make sure to provide contact information on where a victim could seek help.

  • Maintaining a visible presence in the community. We make sure to take part in major community events in Sheridan, from having a booth at Third Thursday to a presence at other social agency events.

Global profits of human trafficking earnings per year for traffickers, $99 billion of which comes from commercial sexual exploitation.
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Of human trafficking exist in the U.S. alone. Some of the most common are Familial, Survival Exploitation, Pimp-Controlled, Gang Trafficking, Illicit Massage and more.
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