Since 2007, there have been 71 cases involving 92-120 victims of human trafficking in Wyoming, according to the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

A client of the University of Wyoming’s business incubator for nearly 10 months has been building solutions to accelerate the end of human trafficking in Wyoming and nationwide.

The Alliance for Freedom, Restoration and Justice (AFRJ) — housed in the Wyoming Technology Business Center (WTBC) since last April — has been shining a light on this scourge that is estimated to be a $150 billion business annually and involves roughly 40 million people trafficked worldwide, with more than 325,000 victims in the U.S.

“Starting this year, we have begun working with the excellent leadership of both the city of Laramie and the Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Taskforce to help strengthen the anti-trafficking efforts in Wyoming; to better understand how trafficking is taking place in our state; what types of trafficking are present; what vulnerabilities are being exploited; and what resources are available to help combat and prevent it,” says Ashleigh Chapman, president and CEO of the AFRJ.

While the public may only hear of human trafficking through high-profile cases last year such as the Jeffrey Epstein case or the takedown of the largest darknet child pornography website in the world that resulted in hundreds of arrests, the crime is one that can happen anywhere.

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