Education is arguably the most important pillar of our mission at Uprising.

Through education we can work to prevent future victims from being groomed, as well as a create a safe environment for current or historical victims to disclose. From educating law enforcement and healthcare workers to youth, parents and caregivers, and everyone in between we strengthen that safety net by taking the next step from basic awareness to fully educated. The more you know, the more you know.

Some ways we currently provide education in our community are:

  • Professional trainings, such as formal law enforcement and healthcare worker training.

  • Formal youth and parents/caregiver trainings in our community. Terri and Alexandra and two of only three certified instructors in Wyoming of the Love146 NotA#Number program. Learn more about them here.

  • Informal HT101 trainings for anyone or any group who wants to become more HT aware and informed.

  • Workplace trainings for the hospitality industry, an industry uniquely entrenched in the trafficking business.

Approximate percentage of trafficked women and girls that had contact with a healthcare provider while being trafficked.
Percentage of Wyoming healthcare professionals have received education pertaining to Human Trafficking in professional
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