Be a Hero with Uprising on WYO GIVES!

Be a Hero with Uprising on WYO GIVES!

You could see the lightbulb go off, the idea cement, the moment it happened. On the second day of learning about exploitation, grooming, and predatory tactics from Uprising staff, local youth are exploring their new information by reading case studies out loud. One particular case study about a boy named Leo triggers a girl in the class to raise her hand, “wait a minute. Are you telling me Leo was trafficked?”
“Yes, this case study is showcasing that Leo is experiencing sex trafficking” confirms the Uprising staff member.
“….but what happened to Leo is exactly what happened to me” the young girl states, suddenly recognizing her own story may involve trafficking, something she had obviously never considered before.
This was just one of over three thousand youth that we have trained to date, and these types of disclosures happen. Not just regularly but with nearly every single prevention education class we lead. With the rise of technology in our lives and the nearly unlimited access children have to the internet, we are dealing with a big problem. Kids need to be aware of the dangers that are lurking, both on the other side of their screens and in real life.
This is where Uprising can help. We are committed to empowering youth with age-appropriate information that will help lower their risk of ever experiencing exploitation or re-exploitation. But we cannot do it alone.
This is where you can help. It takes communities and individuals coming together to help strengthen safety nets so that our children aren’t falling through the cracks. Every dollar you give on WyoGives helps us to provide another youth with this life-saving information. So unleash your inner hero and save the day with the power of giving!
WYO Gives is happening on July 12th! This is THE day to give to your favorite Wyoming nonprofits and support the good work they are doing. We invite you to support Uprising and all your local nonprofits!
How to Give:
1. Follow the link above to reach Uprising’s giving page!
2. Give any amount, but give EARLY for a chance for the orgs you are supporting to get MATCHING funds.
3. Or go to WYOGIVES.ORG and search for any of your fave nonprofits to support!


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