The final piece to Uprising’s mission is outreach

Trafficking commonly happens in bars, restaurants, hotels and motels and we want to reach them before the traffickers do! We get boots on the ground to make sure that the hospitality industry in the community is not only aware and educated but also has the resources to help spot signs of trafficking and help potential victims.

Some ways we provide outreach are:

  • Visiting local motels/hotels to train staff on how to identify trafficking, how to report suspicious activity, and provide them with free resources like motel soaps with the National Human Trafficking Hotline number on them.

  • Train bar/hospitality staff on identifying and report trafficking as well as provide them with free resources to raise awareness such as bar coasters and posters.

  • Providing training and resources to local service stations and rest stops, where victims may be likely to stop at.

Amount of trafficking victims that have been in the child welfare system.
of trafficking incidents happen in hotels
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