Read more about the variety of classes and presentations we offer below.

Uprising staff and volunteers are certified facilitators of two national-level prevention education curriculum.

  • #NotANumber by Love146 includes 5 separate 1-2 hour, interactive, classes, with each one building on the previous. There is also a matching one-time 2-hour class for school staff/educators and one for parents that can be done leading up to the youth class as well. 
  • Keeping Students Safe by Unbound is intended for classroom or assembly-style settings with the entire presentation taking 45 minutes-1 hour. There is also a matching class for school staff/educators and one for parents that can be done leading up to the youth class as well.

Uprising staff and volunteers love to start conversations with parents and caregivers! Our two-hour parent/caregiver class goes over the basics of human trafficking, grooming techniques, and tools that you can immediately put to use to help give your youth the tools they need to recognize predatory behavior.

Uprising is committed to ensuring all professionals in Wyoming have access to high-quality human trafficking and exploitation awareness and prevention education. In some cases, our certified staff and volunteers use Love 146’s #NotANumber curriculum for professionals who work with youth or high-risk populations. For professionals in other fields, such as law enforcement and healthcare workers Uprising works to find experts in the field and coordinate training opportunities.

Human Trafficking 101’s are briefer presentations designed to fit your timeframe and focus on areas that best suit the audience. Our well-versed staff and volunteers will do their best to share information about how human trafficking happens, what it looks like in Wyoming, potential indicators of exploitation, and how to report.

No one knows more about human trafficking than those with lived experience. Uprising loves to give survivors who are ready to share their stories a place to do so. Whether you are local, out of state, or even out of the country, we can help connect you with survivors who speak publicly about their experiences and more.

Alexandra Ford is an international motivational speaker and speaks publicly about her experiences of childhood abuse and trafficking to help others and to share how she learned to laugh in the face of trauma.

Ashley Garcia is a survivor of domestic minor sex trafficking and is passionate about sharing her story and providing prevention education to better equip youth and parents for potentially exploitative situations.

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