Modern day sex trafficking is all around us- from small towns to big cities, it affects all races, creeds, genders and ages, though adolescents are often at a much higher risk. 

  • By expanding the understanding of what falls under the umbrella of sex trafficking. 

  • By sharing one of our executive directors’ personal story of surviving sex trafficking we can forge a connection with every audience we educate. 

  • Helping to understand the different ways that sex trafficking can present itself means more people realize the reality of how easily it can happen in their own communities.

Wyoming was the fiftieth and final state to enact any state wide human trafficking legislation, which only came about in 2013. Every year Shared Hope International grades each state based on their current human trafficking legislation, see our Wyoming report card here.  Our resources for people experiencing grooming or trafficking are sparse, as is prevention education on the subject. Uprising hopes to bridge the gap by providing awareness and education and also advocating for stronger legislation through the statewide task force we are members of.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

- Nelson Mandela


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