SWEETWATER COUNTY — During the week of April 26, Sweetwater County law enforcement underwent a four-day advanced human trafficking investigations and victim advocacy training.

The training was brought to Sweetwater County through the efforts of Uprising, a Wyoming-based nonprofit committed to empowering communities to confront sex trafficking and exploitation through awareness and prevention education, in coordination with local nonprofit Sweetwater Against Trafficking.

The two organizations and the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office worked together to bring nationally-sought after law enforcement human trafficking expert Detective Joseph Scaramucci to conduct the training.

Detective Scaramucci has been working in human trafficking investigations operations since 2014 and has been doing trainings on how to work investigations and operations since then.

“Trainings are designed to give law enforcement a basic understanding of human trafficking, the laws that are used to combat it, and what it looks like nationally, since movement through multiple jurisdictions is normal,” Scaramucci said.

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