Welcome to Uprising

Uprising isn’t just an organization, it is a movement.

We believe that exploitation of even one person is too much and we’re working tirelessly to shine a light on how this is happening, even in Wyoming.

Working with other individuals, groups, and organizations we can create more awareness surrounding human trafficking and exploitation and expand prevention education efforts.

Together we can help ensure our communities are the safest possible.

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Terri of Uprising


Terri is the co-founder and executive director of Uprising. She has been working in the anti-human trafficking movement for the past 8 years. Her passion is working in the awareness and prevention education field of the movement. She is a certified Love146 #NotANumber facilitator and a certified Unbound Keeping Students Safe facilitator. She has had the pleasure of presenting to and training over 1,000 individuals in Wyoming in the past year alone. She is a mom to 3 daughters, another motivating factor for her work.

Alexandra of Uprising


Alexandra is an international motivational speaker and speaks publicly about her experiences of childhood abuse and trafficking to help others and to share how she learned to laugh in the face of trauma.

Though she was trafficked in 2007, it wasn’t until more than 10 years later that she understood what happened to her was, in fact, human trafficking. Alexandra has been a collector of knowledge for more than a decade, holding three degrees in the social services field, and is currently working on finishing her master’s in psychology. After co-founding Uprising, Alexandra’s life brought her back to her home country, Canada, where she continues to push ahead in the prevention education field, as well as stay highly involved with Uprising. She enjoys the outdoors and loves living on a ranch with her family.

Alexandra of Uprising


Natalie serves as an AmericorpVISTA for Uprising. She has experience in working directly with high-risk youth and has become an integral part of the Uprising team. Natalie currently spends much of her time with Uprising helping to manage grants and build organizational capacity. In her free time she is passionate about being in the outdoors and like to spend time in her community garden plot and helping with data collection for the Wyoming Wilderness Association.

Alexandra of Uprising


Ashley is a Sheridan native and mother of four. As a teen, Ashley was trafficked by an older boyfriend. After discovering that her experience was human trafficking, she became interested in anti-trafficking efforts and organizations. Since being introduced to the team at Uprising, Ashley has begun sharing her story and teaching classes in an effort to help prevent others from experiencing events similar to hers. As a mother and survivor, Ashley most enjoys working with youth and caregivers to spread awareness and education on the subject of trafficking.

Alexandra of Uprising


Charlie is a fierce advocate of anti-trafficking work and a passionate board member of Uprising. He holds lived experience with familial, gang, and domestic minor sex trafficking. Charlie has devoted much of his post-trafficked life to advocacy and outreach in mental health, supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and human rights. Charlie has worked with social justice and mental health organizations as well as devoting his time through volunteer mentorship, support groups, and building community resilience.


  • Alexandra Johnson, Chair

  • Myriah Phelps, Treasurer

  • Danette Baldacci, Secretary

  • Alexandra Ford, Co-Founding Board Member

  • Jessica Pickett

  • Michelle Hall



We exist to empower communities, volunteers, and donors to confront human trafficking and exploitation through awareness, education, and outreach.



As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.