Prevention education for youth is one of the most important steps to combatting human trafficking. By focusing on an upstream approach, and trying to get as far ahead of the problem as possible, we can prevent future victims, sex buyers, and exploiters. 

Uprising has multiple tools they use to deliver prevention education to youth, below are some of them.

  • Classroom Presentations

    We have the pleasure of being invited into school classrooms at the middle and high school levels. Though time is limited in this setting, we are able to start important conversations about topics like grooming, consent, sextortion, and more. Uprising caters the conversation to the age level we are speaking with and uses engaging activities to make learning more hands-on for the students.

  • #NotANumber

    Uprising staff are trained facilitators of Love 146’s #NotANumber prevention education curriculum for youth ages 12 and up. This 5-module curriculum dives deep into conversations and case studies from real youth who have experienced trafficking and exploitation. This class is held with small groups of 3-12 youth at a time. This curriculum was also created with youth who have already experienced exploitation in mind. We have been able to use it in public settings as well as with youth in residential treatment programs. You can request a #NotANumber class or inquire about becoming a #NaN facilitator by contacting us here.

  • Elementary Workshops

    Uprising has developed its own workshops for youth in 2nd-5th grade. In these workshops, we cater the language and discussions to be age-appropriate and focus on topics such as healthy relationships, red flags, and social norms. Uprising conducts these workshops primarily with youth-serving programs, such as after-school programs.

  • Pony Prevention

    Pony Prevention is a collaboration between Uprising and CHAPS Equine Assisted Therapy. Together we combined some of Uprising’s prevention education workshops with equine therapy activities, creating unique and fun prevention opportunities for kids as young as 7 years old. We have been able to use this program in a public class setting and in a private school setting. If you are interested in bringing pony prevention to your class, contact us here. If you run an equine therapy program or are interested in partnering with one to conduct pony prevention reach out to us here.

  • Trapped Experience 

    TRAPPED is a virtual reality experience that puts students into the life of a trafficking victim. They will meet 14-year old Lisa, who was groomed by a trafficker online. Students will use provided VR headsets to visit Lisa as she reflects on how she ended up in her situation and the coercive tactics that are keeping her from disclosing or leaving. It is a unique experience that teaches empathy and understanding in a way a traditional presentation cannot. To book TRAPPED reach out to us here.

“Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but actually you’ve been planted”

- Christine Caine


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